Radio Prague: Czech antractic scientists research climate, test inderwear and shoes

A biggest group ever of Czech scientists, including nine women, are heading for their annual expedition to the Czech base on James Ross Island in the Antarctic. Apart from a long-term research of climate change, Czech scientists will also be testing various commercial products in local extreme weather conditions.

If everything goes according to plan, the 19-member team of scientists is expected to arrive at the Czech base in the Antarctic, located on James Ross Island, around January 12. This year, the team plans to stay a bit longer than usual, until the end of March.

Czech scientists have been engaged in research in the Antarctic for years. The base on James Ross Island, operated by Masaryk University in Brno, was established there in 2006. This year, the station will be enlarged to include a workshop and a garage to accommodate the all-terrain vehicles, which are used to deliver the cargo to field camps at distant locations on the island.

Masaryk university