Masaryk University among the top 10 universities in new EU member states

Masaryk University is ranked seventh in the overall rankings and second out of the Czech universities in the latest university rankings published by Times Higher Education (THE), which focuses on research-intensive universities from the thirteen newest EU countries. There are thirteen Czech institutions included in the rankings, which is the highest number out of all the countries.

“The results uphold the important position of Masaryk University not only in the Czech Republic but also on a European level. At the same time, a more detailed look at the parameters that have a bearing on the rankings shows that the university has chosen the right strategy for its development, which is to focus on internationalisation and quality education and research,” says Mikuláš Bek, the rector of Masaryk University.

Charles University received the highest score out of all the Czech universities and ranks in fourth place, while Palacký University is ranked tenth behind Masaryk University. For the ranking of research-intensive universities in new EU member states, THE used the same scoring system it uses for the international university rankings, where Masaryk University is placed among the best six hundred, which puts it in the top 2% of universities in the world.

THE evaluates universities based on thirteen indicators. These cover teaching, research, and internationalisation, with research indicators – especially the number of citations for academic papers – playing a dominant role.

“Thanks to the results in the individual areas of evaluation, the university has a general idea about its international position. The rankings, which give the university visibility among its global competitors, can be especially helpful in making the university more international. Potential new employees from other countries can use this benchmark to get a general idea about the global position of each institution,” says Šárka Řehořová, the Masaryk University strategy director.

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