Biochemist Baumeister awarded honorary doctorate from Muni

Wolfgang Baumeister, a German biochemist and protein science and electron microscopy expert, was awarded an honorary doctorate from Masaryk University earlier this March. Professor Baumeister, who is currently a director at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried, received his honorary title in the assembly hall of the Faculty of Law from Karel Říha, the deputy director for science at Ceitec MU.

Professor Baumeister has long been focusing on cell system research as well as on the development of electron microscopy technologies for biological research. His most important contribution to biology and chemistry was his research into developing new methods of cryo-electron microscopy and especially cryo-electron tomography.

As Vice-Rector Martin Bareš noted during the ceremony, it was the very first MU honorary doctorate to be awarded at the suggestion of Ceitec MU. Professor Baumeister’s help has been instrumental in the successful launch of a cryo-electron microscopy lab at the Bohunice campus.

Watch Muni TV video interview with Wolfgang Baumeister

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