New Use-it map of Brno shares tips from locals and celebrates innovation

A new Use-it guide brings what young locals think is best about Brno to all city visitors. This fourth edition of the square city map shows must-see sights alongside interesting places and this time it highlights the innovative spirit of Brno.

You can find the new map online and at various tourist points around the city with a total print run of 50,000.

The unorthodox Use-it guide is currently published in more than thirty European cities. Its goal is to show travellers the authentic and unembellished nature of various destinations. While it does not completely shun tourist attractions, it mostly features the things that are popular among the local residents.

“Again, this year's edition comes with a new look by graphic designer Filip Hauser. In general, we've tried to show that Brno has been and continues to be a place of innovation,” says Mariana Boudová, a member of the creative team who has been contributing to the maps since she was a student at Masaryk University. “The map mentions that Brno is a university city with a booming IT sector, research, and startups. It makes reference to the period when Brno was the ‘Manchester of Moravia’ and now also highlights famous innovators from Brno.”

This year, the title page features the Cunning Little Vixen by the composer Leoš Janáček, factory smokestacks, and symbols of Moravian folklore. Inside, the map offers a section that describes Brno and the local customs (Act Like a Local), establishments and other places divided into several categories (sightseeing, bars and clubs, cafés, food, chillout, shopping), special boxes recommending the best pubs and wine bars, bits of practical information such as making card payments, smoking, and so on, and information about city transport.

The map also includes three recommended walks. One of them leads tourists to the city centre to show them around the local statues, while another route was designed by the artist Kateřina Šedá and leads through the so-called Bronx area.

Anyone can pick up the guide for free at Brno Tourist Information Centre offices, but copies are also to be found at hostels around Brno, at universities and libraries, and also in companies with large numbers of foreign employees.

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