7 things to know as an exchange student in Brno

Are you an exchange student staying in Brno at Masaryk University? If so here are some important things to know for your stay in the regional capital of South Moravia.

1. Transportation
Once you arrive in Brno for the first time you will be wondering how do you find your way to the dorms or around the city.

Depending on where you are from Brno may seem like either a big or a small city. Either way the city’s public transportation system of trams, buses, and trolleybuses is an easy and reliable way to get around.

Here is what you need to know for riding public transport:

1. Find what tram, bus, or trolleybus is right for you.

2. Purchase a ticket at the yellow ticket machines that can be found at several boarding stations.

3. Get on board and punch your ticket.

Another way for students to get around is by bike. If you prefer to cycle your way through the city, you can find what you need to know at Rekola website.

Plan on traveling by other means of transportation? Check out Go to Brno website to meet all your travel needs!

2. Technology
Prior to your arrival you may recall being told that there is no wifi in the dorms. That was no joke, all dorms at MU have no wifi. But do not fret there are other ways to stay connected, even in the dorms.

There are two ways to get internet connection in the dorms: Ethernet connection or hotspot.

Instructions for how to setup ethernet connection will be given to you by the reception desk assistant once you check into your dormitory. You can also find instructions through the university’s Accommodations and Catering Services.

Another option could be to set up your laptop or cellphone as a hotspot. You can check the settings of your device for whether you have this ability or you can add it to your mobile plan before arrival.

Outside of the dorms internet connection is much easier. The city is filled with cafes and shops that offer wifi. MU also has wifi available in their buildings that you can connect to with your user ID and secondary password.

It is best to connect to eduroam as it will connect automatically and not log you out every 2 hours. See instructions for setting up eduroam connection.

3. Dorms
Here are some things to know for living in the Masaryk University dorms:

1. Bring a printed copy of your accommodation contract that you can get from the ISKaM booking system for check in when you arrive.

2. Each room is equipped with sheets, pillow and case, and duvet (no cover). You can change linens according to the schedule that can be found at reception.

3. To pay rent you will need to activate your SUPO account then load money into your account by using the SUPO machines. Instructions on how to do so are at Centre for International Cooperation website.

4. For doing laundry you will need your ISIC card, money in your SUPO account, and a time slot. Time slot sheet is at the reception desk. Laundry detergent, fabric softener and etc. are not provided.

To learn more about what amenities are available at your dorm check out Accommodations and Cater Services.

4. University
If you haven't noticed already the MU facilities are spread out around Brno. You may be wondering where you can find your faculty or any other MU building. There’s an app Muni Buildings for that!

Want to learn more about the university you will be studying at? Here are some MU facts.

5. Food
As a student there are plenty of places to each with your ISIC card. At this website you can find where all the canteens and snack bars are around the city.

However, before you head to a canteen for lunch there are a few steps you will need to complete to be able to eat at university facilities with your ISIC card.

1. Login to the SUPO system

2. Agree to use SUPO account for Kredit

3. Login to WebKredit

4. Transfer funds from SUPO to Kredit

But of course a great way to immerse yourself into the Czech culture is to try the local food! A great resource for this is the app Foursquare where you can find new places to eat every night.

Of course we can not forget about the notorious Brno bar scene that was nominated for three Czech bar awards. In New York Times article you can find some great drink tips in the Moravian capital.

6. City
As a student city Brno has a lot to offer for sights and attractions. Not a popular tourist spot, the city is never too crowded to do some exploring.

What’s the best way to explore the historical monuments and “act like a local”? A new Use-It Map guide created by locals that includes what they think to be the best of Brno is a fantastic way to tour the city and fit right in while doing so.

7. People
Connect with other exchange students just like you.

A good way to meet other students and get quick answers to questions you have is to join the Masaryk University Exchange Students facebook group for the semester you will be studying in Brno.

Also stop by the International Student Club (ISC) office located in the basement of Komenskeho nam 2. They welcome everyone and offer a great way to connect with local students through several events they hold throughout the semester.

So there you have it, a few things to know for your stay in Brno.

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