Masaryk versus Charles. Fans made the event

HC Masaryk University hockey team is in its first season in the EUHL league and while the final score of yeasterday’s match against Charles was 3:8, they still broke records.

Masaryk and Charles University competed last night at the DRFG Arena where they hit record of EUHL, when 3826 spectators came to the game. The match began at 19:00 but fans were ready beforehand for what was said to going to be the match of the season.

For exchange students of Masaryk University who attended the match for the first time, there was much to be anticipated. The match was advertised as a must attend event in Brno.

“I was so excited for this event especially leading up to it because I received so many notifications on Facebook,” says exchange student Danielle Dindak from the USA.

Exchange students were encouraged to attend the hockey match all week leading up to it. All the anticipation made them excited to attend.

The excitement was visible as fans gathered with their faces baring the blue MU logo and wearing their school paraphernalia in the city center for the parade. The parade proceeded towards the arena as more students joined waving their flags and enjoying cups of beer.

Once the game began the energy in the arena was palpable. Fans cheered as the hockey team took to the ice.

Exchange students compared the atmosphere inside the arena to the hockey games and sporting events that they have been to at home. The chanting in the crowd, singing, and stomping of the fans made the event. The best part for some was the traditional hot dogs and beer that added to the Czech experience.

For those who was attending a hockey match for the first time enjoyed the experience. Bree Fraser, an exchange student from Australia, said it was her first time going to a hockey game and she enjoyed it. “It was a fun experience to have, l’m glad I went,” said Fraser.

From the jumbo cam showing beer chugging to fans taking to the ice to try their hand at ice hockey, students in attendance felt the event lived up to the being the match of the season to see.

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