Daniel Král lecture: Models of large networks

16. února 2018, 11:0012:00 (Uložit do kalendáře)

Fakulta informatiky MU, Botanická 554/68A

Unique opportunity to hear professor Král, leading world-wide expert in the field of discrete mathematics and algorithms. Daniel Král' is a professor of matematics and informatics at University of Warwick. For his work he received many important awards such as European Prize in Combinatorics 2011 or Philip Leverhulme Prize in Mathematics and Statistics in 2014. He is also one of two Czech scientists who received ERC grant more than once.

Lecture will be given in English.

Models of large networks
Daniel Kral http://www.ucw.cz/~kral/ 

A graph is a mathematical model of a network of nodes, which can be, e.g., a computer network or a social network. Problems concerning networks of enormous sizes, which more and more often arise in computer science applications, led to a need to find new mathematical tools to represent and analyze large graphs. The theory of graph limits, whose foundations were laid at Microsoft Research about a decade ago, has responded to these challenges by developing analytic models of large graphs.

We will provide a brief self-contained introduction to the theory of graph limits, which will be followed by the exposition of the most major lines of research. We will conclude with presenting solutions of some of the most significant open problems in the area.