MU Seminar Series: Mojmír Dočekal - Formal Linguistics and the Experimental Turn

22. září 2017, 9:0011:00 (Uložit do kalendáře)

Mendelovo muzeum, Mendlovo náměstí 907/1A

In his talk Mojmír Dočekal will focus on: a) short introduction of the modern formal linguistic history; b) on one concrete example (series of experiments analyzing Neg-Raising, published as Dočekal and Dotlačil (2016)) I will show the connection between the formal and experimental methods in current linguistics.

Mojmír Dočekal presently works at Masaryk Univesity at the Department of Linguistics and Baltic Languages. He is a member of the Generative LInguists of the Old World (GLOW) board. His professional interest include syntax, semantics and a language philosophy.

More information at series website.